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Is your meeting or event overwhelming you with pallets of materials?  Cart-It is the answer!

No more waiting on a bellman, stealing bell carts or breaking your back to carry materials by hand. 

Cart-It Services Available in Las Vegas and Orlando.

$25 per cart per day +delivery and pick-up/2 day, 2 cart minimum


Flatbed Cart

24 x 48 (2000 lb Capacity)

30 x 60  (2000 lb Capacity)

  • Great for moving materials in large boxes to multiple rooms, t-shirts, delivering giveaways

  • Tough wood deck. Underside reinforced
    with 4 cross boards.

  • Welded steel handle.

  • 8" casters: 2 swivel, 2 rigid.

AV Cart

These carts are perfect for moving daily registration desk materials and smalelr items to breakouts.

AV Cart 2.jpg
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